Baobab LIMS, an open source LIMS for biobanking was developed by African and European researchers as part of the Horizon2020 funding framework project “B3Africa” (

The LIMS represent one module in an integrated biobank suite of tools ( Baobab LIMS was developed by customizing the Bika LIMS software to meet the requirement of biobank best practices for human biobanking. Baobab LIMS is based on the Plone web-content management framework. A server-client based system, whereby the end user is able to access the system securely through the internet on a standard web browser, or as a standalone installation.

Baobab LIMS is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed for the collection, processing and storage of human biospecimens. The system was designed a priori using the Standard operating procedures (SOPs) of the NHLS-Stellenbosch University Biobank. Baobab LIMS comprises modules for biospecimen kit assembly, biospecimen shipping, storage management, analysis requests, reporting and invoicing. Current developed SOPs define the biobanking activities of the Biobank and in an effort to extend the usability of the system, collaborations which incorporate SOPs generated by other Biobanking facilities, are ongoing.

Baobab LIMS is both Free and Open Source, and  Baobab LIMS can be customized to the specific needs of your laboratory. User feedback is utilized  for further customizations to meet requirements of a broad biobank community.

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