The submission sites (the biobank’s clients) order kits from the biobank based on a particular project to be carried out on a specific case study.

Blood samples, for example are to be collected to carry out DNA extraction and subsequent analysis.

The following kit attributes are maintained with a kit template:

  • Kit Name
  • Kit Type/Class
  • Labeling requirements
  • Assembly SOP
  • Component list (Select from components available in the Database)
  • Packaging outline
  • User Instructions on packaging of kits, shipping and completion of compulsory forms.
  • Temperature monitors depending on sample type and shipment type.

The kit template is used to avoid the recurring selection of components during kit assembly. The kit assembly form informs the biobank workers which stored stock-items to use for the assembly of the kit from the specified list of stock-item storage which underlies the inventory management system.

More details on suppliers, stock and kit template can be found on this link: