Welcome to the BAOBAB LIMS setup page. This page was specially designed to guide you through the functions and features of BAOBAB LIMS. It will also provide you with a detailed description of how to set up your BAOBAB LIMS system in order to enjoy all the exciting features of BAOBAB LIMS system. We are sure you will find the system easy to use.

The set up of Baobab LIMS consists of 15 simple steps.  To fully benefit from the potential of BAOBAB, please make sure you carefully follow the procedures and complete one step before moving to the other. To get started on the setup guide, kindly follow the link below;


To watch the video tutorial on how to setting-up your BAOBAB LIMS system click here:  https://biobanklearning.iarc.fr/course/video-tutorial-baobab-setup/